Erasmus+ programme

We, as a school system of further education, strongly believe that education starts not only inside classrooms and laboratories, but also with working placements abroad. They are a milestone event in the personal growth of students and, indeed, a unique opportunity of meeting different cultures and a fruitful exchange of ideas among peers. Erasmus+ is the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe for 2014-2020 (Regulation EU No 1288/2013 of the European Parliament and the Council of 11th December 2013).

Erasmus+ offers the opportunity for providers of vocational education and training (VET) and other organisations active in the field of VET to organise learning mobility activities for VET learners and staff.

– For staff, activities such as job shadowing, courses, and teaching or training assignments can be organised in another organisation abroad,

– For learners, learning periods abroad and participation in skills competitions.

In addition, the applicant organisation can host teachers in training and invite experts from abroad.

Objectives of this action

Increasing the quality of initial and continuing vocational education and training (IVET and CVET) in Europe by:

strengthening key competences and transversal skills, in particular language learning and digital skills;

supporting the development of job specific skills needed in the current and future labour market;

sharing best practices and promoting the use of new and innovative pedagogical methods and technologies, and supporting the professional development of teachers, trainers, mentors and other staff in VET;

building the capacity of VET providers to carry out high quality mobility projects, and their ability to form quality partnerships while developing their internationalisation strategy;

making mobility a realistic possibility for any learner in IVET and CVET, and increasing the average duration of mobility for VET learners to increase its quality and impact;

fostering the quality, transparency and recognition of learning outcomes of mobility periods abroad, especially by using European tools and instruments.

Strengthening the European dimension of teaching and learning by:

promoting values of inclusion and diversity, tolerance, and democratic participation;

promoting knowledge about shared European heritage and diversity;

supporting development of professional networks across Europe.

Application and recruitment process

How to apply to Erasmus+ mobility opportunities?

Any students of Podesti C. Onesti can apply; send an application form and pass a recruitment process in order to have access to a short list of candidates. Food & accommodation and travel expenses are sponsored by the EU programme so there is no charges for students. A tutor will assist students throughout the period of placement abroad.

So get on board! and send your application form!

For further details and info, feel free to contact us by mail

The team of Erasmus+ teachers:

Prof. Alessandro Sartarelli
Prof.ssa Sabrina Sopranzi
Prof.ssa Luciana Rinaldi
Prof. Franco Collodet
Prof.ssa Elisabetta Memé

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